Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More space claiming

One of the issues that we are having with redecorating the living room is that our dog crate is getting a little squished and creating a tight space in our entryway (pictured above). So we have been thinking that it would be great if Payton could sleep outside the crate when we are away and we could move the crate to another part of the house where it wasn't so in the way. I have mentioned our challenges with housebreaking Payton in a a previous blog and I will let you know that we have had accidents since that blog. Kind of makes it hard to give her free run. Mark proposed that if Payton could go 30 days without an accident that we could start giving her some time out of the crate when we are gone. I am happy to report that Payton has gone four days without an "incident". GO PAYTON!


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Mango said...

Oh Payton! I hope you get your freedom! I still have to go into lockdown when momma and master aren't home.