Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If You Are What You Eat.......

Then Payton would be a Turkey sandwich! Wait, No, she would be a fillet mignon, raw and perfectly seasoned waiting to be put on the grill. Yep, Payton has been guilty of counter surfing. Both times Mark's meal fell victim to her stealth maneuvers and shark like jaws. She strikes fast and mercilessly. Mark left the kitchen very briefly on both occasions only to return to an empty plate and Payton licking her chops in satisfaction. I think she ate a banana peel off the counter once as well. I couldn't be 100% on that one, I may have thrown it away and just forgot. Luckily she hasn't had an episode of counter surfing for a while, and we learned to put our plates on top of the toaster oven when we leave the room. : -)

Happy New Year Everyone!



dewdana said...

Moose would be a Pizza! My boy pulled a whole untouched box of pizza off the counter and by the time I caught him there were only 2 pieces left! I had a grilled cheese for dinner and he got nothing for the rest of the day! He is largely well behaved but how do you train away a behavior that is so highly rewarded? He had no regrets as I am sure Peyton didn't either!

Mango said...

Oh man, those labradogs have no manners. Little Pee-Wee stole a whole banana off the counter and by the time momma caught him he'd eaten it, peel and all, except for the little stalk at the end (I am much more well behaved).