Friday, February 20, 2009

I've Been Missing Out.........

I have had some great photo ops lately, but everytime I grab my camera the batteries are dead. I have two sets of rechargeable batteries that will not hold a charge. I can take pictures the same day I replace the batteries but the very next day the camera is dead and the back up ones are dead too!
For example, two days ago we had a dozen Canadian geese (who were just casually strolling up the middle of our street) stop to have breakfast and a little rest in our front yard. It was so cool! I grabbed my camera to take a pic, and of course it's dead!
Kylie was going nuts at the front window barking and wining at the geese, but Taryn and Payton were just fascinated and just sat there and watched the geese do their thing. The geese were watching us through the window too. I think they were used to being fed by humans because I was eating dry cereal out of a bowl and one goose looked like he was waiting for me to toss him one. They were in our yard for about 20 minutes and then got up and walked off down the street.
A couple hours later I took the girls on a walk and the slow poke geese were only at the end of our street. I said "look, there's those birds!" and the dogs sped up a little bit. The geese got nervous and walked a little faster, then faster, then faster, and then all 12 took off in flight. It was cool to see. We have a lot of Canadian geese here in Denver and I just love them. It's fun to see them in the parks, and in peoples yards, but the best is seeing them in flight. I love their "honk" too!
The next morning the geese strolled by the house... but didn't stop. Off to greener yards I guess. Wish I had some photos to share. I need to get the camera some new batteries.



Mango said...

I had the same problem and am now using "normal" batteries. I have noticed that sometimes my camera tells me the battery is low when it isn't (most often when it gets cold). If I reseat the batteries, then they go fine for a while.

Hope to see those labragals soon.

Mango Momma

Life With Dogs said...

Winter eats camera batteries in a hurry. We have missed a number of photo ops with dead camera batteries :(