Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Birthday!

Actually we have two Dog Birthdays in March so we celebrate both Taryn and Kylie's Birthdays on the same day. We usually pick a day that is about half way in between both Dog's Birthdays (you could NEVER get away with this if you had human kids!). I'm kind of silly and I like to make a little bit of a big deal about the Birthday "party". I made a trip to PetSmart and bought some doggie staples. I then stopped by Three Dog Bakery to see if I could by a couple of cakes or individual "special" baked treats. This bakery is really fun, they make all kinds of baked cakes, cookies, cupcakes, s'mores, carrot cakes, and a ton of other dog safe treats. I have bought cakes from this bakery for the last three years, Taryn's 1st B-day, Taryn's 2nd and Kylie's 1st B-day, and now Taryn's 3rd and Kylie's 2nd B-day. This year we had two other guests at our party. Payton of course was a party goer and also our neighbors golden retriever Baily. We have blogged about Baily before, he is such a great friend to our girls. Baily also turns 3 this month so it is appropriate that he joined our party.

I usually order our cakes ahead of time from the bakery, but I wasn't able to this time. Luckily they had two cakes ready to go and it just took a few minutes to personalize them. I had to buy some party hats at the bakery and also a party favor for Baily to take home and enjoy. The dogs had a blast per normal. Taryn really seemed to know what was up. This is her third party. She recogognized the smell of the yummy doggie Birthday cake.

I hope to post pictures later of the dogs in the party hats. Those are on my neighbors camera. We of course will be having a party for Payton on July 6th! What a joy all of our dogs are to us!




Christi said...

Max loved this post. He loves having pretend birthday parties and dogs are top on his list, so seeing this was SO cool to him.

Mango said...

Hey gals, Momma never had a labradude before and now she is saying he is the most smartest doggie she ever had. Huh? What does she mean by that?

Johann The Dog said...

Oh..I'm late to the party! Happy, happy belated birthday! What great cakes - I had one of those for my Gotcha Day party once, yum!!!!

Woofs, Johann

Mango said...

Hey Gals!
Momma keeps complaining that Dexter "sure isn't a mastiff." Well, duh, I knew that. He has way more energy than I ever did.

I finally taught him to play bitey face with me and now I'm sorry that I did because he wants to do it ALL THE TIME and then I get grouchy and Momma makes me and pee-wee do stupid sits and downs as a time-out (I don't think I need the practice OR a time-out).


Mango said...

OK gals, I cannot believe I am saying this, but a certain pee-wee midget pain in the butt is demanding more shots of you and to know what you have been up to. OK, that's it. Maybe if he can look at photos of labragals he will stop going all crazy hump meister on my large and to be respected self.