Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Snow!

Hi guys! Well, per normal, just when you think we are in full Spring mode here in the rocky mountains we get snow. This picture was taken just a few minutes ago. We might get 4 inches before tomorrow's commute. The crazy thing is that it was 80 degrees yesterday. When the snow started this afternoon the thermostat in our house was reading 75 even though we had the heat off all day today. Still haven't turned it on because the bricks soaked up all of the sun we have had the last two days. This is really typical in Denver. I am reminded every April why I wait until after mothers day to plant any flowers. The dogs are excited to see that the snow is not totally gone yet for the season!




Mango said...

What, are you gals crazy? There should not be snow in April!


P.S. Stop giving pee-wee ideas Payton.

Mango said...

Dexter here...
Mango thinks I can't operate the pooter, but he is wrong. Soon I will have my very own Dexter day.

Payton!!!! You are smokin hot!

Master got out the swimming pool for me today. I LOVE it! But it is way too small. The humans next door have a real swimming pool so I am hoping to get some action in there.

Gals, you can all come and visit anytime. Don't tell Relentlessly Huge that I communicated with you. It will be our secret.