Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Payton Turns One!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged but I haven't forgot about posting. I can't even come up with a legitimate excuse. Just haven't blogged.
This was a big occasion so I needed to share it with our friends that check in to see what the labs have been up to. Our "baby" Payton turned one! Of course we got her the obligatory dog birthday cake from Three dog Bakery. I got the cake a few days before we served it since the bakery is close to work and I was going to be off for a couple of days. I swear all three dogs new exactly what I had in the bag the second I walked into the door. The cake sat on the lower shelf of our refrigerator and the dogs took every time the door was open as an opportunity to sniff the cake box. The excitement built until the day the cake was served. As you can see Payton tried to eat the cake in one bite. She looks like a big girl in this picture, but to us she still has a baby face. I haven't weighed her for a while but she is visibly bigger than Kylie who is about 16 months older than her. I don't think she'll be as big as Taryn. We'll see. Taryn looks pretty small in her first birthday photos.
Payton has been with us almost 8 months and I couldn't imagine our house without her. She is such and character, warts and all, and is such a good little sister to her lab sis' and such a good dog for us humans to be around. Happy Birthday Pay!



P.S. Promise I'll try to post more often!


Mango said...

Dexter here. Payton, I am totally in love, that's it, you are the one! Do you mind that I am only six months old? I am very mature, you know.

And, yeah, well, could I have some of that cake?

Smoochie kisses,

P.S. From Momma - Until I got a black lab of my own, I never realized what beautiful dogs they are. Your gals look fantastic.

Mango said...

Ouch! My leggie is sore again today. Momma said to ask your mom what she knows about knee problems with labradudes. Sometimes I have to hop around on three legs and then I am fine a few hours later. It is confusing.