Sunday, October 5, 2008

I can't wait for Grandpa Don to come BARK!

So Mark's Dad Don came to visit us about three weeks ago. Taryn and Kylie had met Don before but it was the first time that Payton was going to meet "Grandpa Don". We are never really sure of how Payton is going to react to strangers because she has not taken to a few friends that spend time at our house. Payton doesn't like some Men (actually most men) and displays it by barking and growling at them the whole time that they are here. Unfortunately Grandpa Don fell into the "I'm useasy about you so I am going to bark at you until you leave" category. She started from the second he walked into the house til the second he walked out of the house. She even barked at him when we were out playing in the back yard. It was so bad that she would start growling and barking when she would hear him get up in the morning. Taryn and Kylie are the total opposite with all of our guest, overnight or just for a visit. They are overly welcoming (meaning they have a little problem with still jumping up some times) and are way more interested in our guest while they are here than they are with us. I felt bad for Don but he handled it OK. He mostly tried to ignore Payton. At one point, after a few days, Payton actually went up to Don and sniffed him close enough where I saw the tip of her nose touch him. I thought "this is it!", but as soon as Don turned to look at her she started growling. We definitely have a way to go with Payton's socialization. We don't have alot of visitors so I need to get her out more. I think she needs to spend some time alone on trips out too. She leans on her sisters for confidence too much, and she needs to be strong and confident even when her sisters aren't around. Payton is such a great Lab, but she is still a work in progress. I wish that I had the opportunity to start shaping this girl at 8 weeks old like my other dogs, but I am grateful that I have been given the chance to help her and I am confident that she will completely get over her shyness and insecurities. Being a dog owner is a commitment similar to marriage. You take them on for better or worse. All of our dogs have made our lives better!


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Mango said...

Oh Miss Payton! I would come to your house and keep you busy so that you don't have to even look at the humans. Have you visited my bloggy lately? I am almost grown up, you know.

Dexter the Labradude