Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Better All the Time.......

I was a little apprehensive and anxious to come home from work today because I knew that Payton would be in need of some pain meds. How happy was I to find Payton all smiles when I entered! She's got this sweet big smile when she is a happy girl. Mark calls it clown face. I say she's showing us her "teefs". She didn't let our her big "woo-ooh" that she usually does, but I feel it's coming. I was relieved to find her doing well. She is starting to act more like her old self all the time. She has improved greatly every day and is starting to spend more and more time on all fours. You can tell that she gets tired and sore easily and quickly. She is doing alot of laying down and sleeping. I'm sure some of that is the pain meds, but the rest is her knowing she needs to take it easy to get better. I haven't really had to hold her back much. She's doing things in her own slow time. This morning though, I did sense that she and Kylie were thinking about getting frisky and I had to bring Payton in the house.

We are not 100% normal around here quite yet. Payton is requiring alot of special attention right now. It has kind of been like taking care of a new puppy. Up in the middle of the night taking her out and giving her pain meds, and keeping her separated from her sisters when they are playing. Her time out of the crate is supervised every minute that she is not in it. I was really tired at work today from the stress and the lack of sleep. It's for such a good cause though! I am just thankful for all of the progress that Payton has already made. Man she's tough!

The positive outcome of this all is the well wishes from you fellow bloggers. Nice to know that there are still decent people out there! We will be visitng all of you in the blogosphere soon!



Joan said...


I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Payton, but am greatly relieved she's doing so much better. What an anxious, exhausting time this must have been for you!

We've been lost in our own crisis over here (I think you know Elsie's litter developed Parvo -- 2 are home now and the other 7 are still in ICU isolation). So I haven't been dropping by to check on your girls.

You're a wonderful, responsible "mom" to your Labs, and the fact that you were so well prepared for an emergency (knowing who to call off-hours) says much about your integrity and dedication when it comes to your Labs.

All the best to you and your gang, and know that we're rooting for Payton over here while we're rooting for Elsie pups (we're not outta the woods yet).

Hang in there; you're probably exhausted (physically and emotionally), but it looks like Payton will make a terrific recovery.

Hugs to you and butt rubs to the girls,

Joan (from LabTails)

Mango said...

Sounds like pretty soon your problem will be keeping Payton quiet while she continues to heal.

Dexter is my first lab and I can't believe how active he is!

I am just so relieved that Payton is continuing to improve. Hope you get to catch up on your rest this weekend.

Mango Momma