Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Week Checkup

I took Payton to the vet yesterday morning for her one week check up since we brought her home from the emergency vet. She got a really thorough exam and everything sounded and looked good. Her lungs both sounded good, her heart sounded good, and her ribs and legs all felt good. She got her staples out and had blood work done, which came back normal. When the vet was examining her she said "I can't believe she didn't loose any teeth." Well, upon further examination, she has a broken front tooth in her top row of teeth. It's not one of her canines, which is good. Since her blood work came back normal I will be taking her in tomorrow morning so that they can put her under in the afternoon and pull her tooth. I will be picking her up after five and hopefully that will be the last vet visit for this incident. Having her tooth pulled seems like a bummer, but we're just happy she lucked out and didn't have to have surgery for internal bleeding.

I ended up taking Taryn on a separate trip to the vet because her left ear has been bugging her and was all red inside. Turns out she has an ear infection that needed treatment. I had just given Payton her last dose of meds on Monday night, and they sent me home Tuesday morning with a handful of meds to start treating Taryn. We had Kylie at the vet a couple of days before Payton's accident because she had some sort of virus and was vomiting uncontrollably. So that makes all three dogs with health issues in the last two weeks. I am happy to report that all three girls are doing great today. Payton even went out on her first walk since she was hit and didn't seem to get tired. She looked like she wanted to head out again after I returned with Taryn from her walk.

Hope everyone is having a good week!



Christi said...

And people always tell ME I have my hands full...

So glad she is almost back to normal. I'm sure you are bonded more than ever now.

Mango said...

Arg! Ear infections! What a pain. Good news about Payton and that all the gals are getting back to health. Hope you are getting some rest.

Mango Momma

Dozer and Coop said...

I guess Dozer's surgery is going to pale in comparison to your vet bill! Glad Peyton is doing so well, just amazing how fast dogs recover!

Dozer's Mum, Nancy