Monday, November 10, 2008

Payton is Home!

I got a call about 7:15 this morning that we could come and get Payton and bring her home. This largely was based on the fact that both Mark and I are off work for the next couple of days. We will be able to keep a really close eye on her and she will not be left alone. She is on pain meds so she is really lethargic. I fed her some canned food, the same she has had the last couple of days at the vet, and mixed in her pain meds right when we got home. Payton is currently resting comfortably in her crate with her favorite blanket. I was going to take a picture to post but she doesn't like having a camera pointed at her when she is trying to rest.
She has a few superficial wounds on her leg and shoulder that required staples. The vet tech said that she was totally relaxed when they were putting the staples in and she was wagging her tail the whole time. This tech was great! She was the first to respond at the emergency vet with a gurney and rushed her off to be treated. She got Payton on an IV and was treating her shock. She told me this morning that Payton was so sweet the whole time and she was really focused on getting Payton back to us. We are thankful to her and the whole staff at ACCES 24 hour critical care. They treated Payton with professionalism and compassion. They also are aware of the bond between pets and their family and are sympathetic to owners emotional states. I watched them deal with a lot of families bringing their loved ones in on Saturday night.
This situation made me glad that I had an emergency plan in the event of one of our dogs needing to be rushed to the vets office on an evening or weekend. Our regular vet is less than 5 minutes away. This emergency vet was about 12 -15 minutes away. It is the closest one to our house. I had their number in my cell phone and called them to let them know we were on our way. It happens to be my first contact because it's a #, 24 hour ACCES.
Everyone should know where their nearest emergency vet is and have their number handy.
So Payton won't be able to play for a while. We figure she was always the instigator so hopefully she'll take it easy on her own. We'll be watching every minute she's not resting in her crate to make sure no one is getting frisky.
I'll keep you updated on her progress. Thanks to our friends and family sending us your love and support. You helped through a tough experience!



Mango said...

Good news that Payton is home with you and resting peacefully. What a relief that you will be home to look after her.

Mango Momma

P.S. Thank you for the tip about emergency care. Its something I don't like to think about, but I put the number for the 24 hour vet in my cell phone.

Beckett said...

Get well Payton!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

His RH self rekhwested I khome spread my fluff and love!

Sibe Vibes fur a full and khwikhk rekhovery!


Sophie Brador said...

I'm very sorry to hear about what you've been going through lately and hope that Payton has a full recovery.

Shmoo said...

I'm so glad that she's home and recovering. How scary! Please give her a loving sniff for me and hope for a full recovery.


Winterdark said...

Get well soon!

Lacy said...

w00f's pups, me seed dat me friend mango wanted us to spead the love and good wishes to shure hopes she gits well soon...

b safe,

Asta said...

I saw The stowy about Payton on Mango's bloggie..I'm so glad that he is home and on the mend

I'm sending pwayews and healing smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

We read about you on Mango's blog, Payton! We're sending lots of AireZen your way! Feel better soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

That was shocking to read what happened to dear Payton! She is SO lucky that she did not die in the spot. But internal bleeding & fractured bones are kinda fatal too but thank DOG she is back home now & will recover soon.

Payton, you will have to be more careful next time. The road is not a safe place to be. Be sure to stay close to your hooman at all times. Recover soon mah friend!

Not feeling well,
Solid Gold Dancer said...

I'm glad that she is home now.

I have our emergency vet's # posted on the fridge, but because of this post, I am going to be programming it into my phone

Coco said...

OMD! your story made me cry. I am so glad thaty Payton is at home and doing better.

Coco's Mommy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

We ran right over here from Mango's blog to check on Payton and to send her and her Peeps some healing Terrier Zen...that had to be a horrible experience and we are so very thankful that she is ok...we'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers!

Hope all of you can get some much needed rest!!!!

Lots love and kisses..

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley...terriers from PA

cookie said...

We heard about your accident from Mango. We are happy you are home and feeling better. It must have been scary, and super scary for your mom.
Sending happy thoughts,
Cookie and crew