Monday, January 28, 2008


I've complained before about how hard it is to get the Mile High Labs to all sit and let me take a picture of them. The other morning we discovered the key to rallying the girls and keeping them in one place for more than two seconds. The girls actually showed me themselves. Bananas! If you look at the kitchen counter in the background you will see that I have left the unused portion of the banana I sliced into my cereal laying on the counter (if you click on it you should get a larger image). Taryn has always enjoyed a small bite (very small so that we don't induce loose stool) of banana and we oblige her because she is so polite about waiting for it. Kylie is like a soldier when it comes to meals and treats. She loves bananas and will wait in formation until I finish my cereal and share a little with her. Now we discover that after only sampling bananas once before that Payton is a connoisseur as well. In this picture they are all keeping an eye on the banana to make sure it doesn't sneak off before they get a little nibble. Taryn is the closest because she digs it the most. When there is a banana on the counter she won't budge from the corner of the kitchen. This is serious business Y'all!

OK, I'm pretty sure there are many things that we could substitute for the banana, they are labs of course, but banana is definately their favorite. Not all people food is good for your dogs. If you are unsure about feeding your dog something check out my link to dangerous people food.



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