Monday, January 7, 2008

I Hate to Leave!

Mark and I have been off work for the last three days. We were celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and both of us were due a few days off together. The time off was fantastic. Just what I needed. I obviously would have liked another day off but I needed to go back. The hardest part is always leaving the dogs. They do not have separation anxiety, or worry when we are leaving for a few hours, but they always seem to turn on the cute right when we are getting ready to leave. You look at a face like the one to the left (Kylie) and think "How can I leave these guys? I want to call in sick and take them to the dog park, or on a really long hike!" The problem is that not all of us have the priviledge of working from home (I'm really envious of people who work at home even though I know it has it's disadvantages) and we have to leave the house to go make a living. If we didn't we wouldn't be able to pay for dog food, frisbees, vet bills, and the hundreds of other expenses that come with dog ownership. Still, my dream is to spend all day every day with my husband and my three dogs. I wonder if the dogs think that too, or are they tired of us being around the house and can't wait to get back to their regular napping schedule? Either way, they seemed really happy to see me when I got home. Our family is most content when we are all together.

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