Sunday, January 6, 2008

Payton's Poop Sheet

Payton is the latest addition to our pack. She was born on 7/6/07, so she is almost 6 months old. We've had her for about a month. We were linked to her through an organization called Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Payton's name was Violet. Safe Harbor had rescued her and her four sisters. It wasn't a horrible living situation, but the owner could not care for all of the pups. All of the girls were named after a flower. Payton's sister Tulip was just adopted a few days ago. She was the last one of the litter to be adopted. If she is anything like Payton I know that family got a sweet dog. Payton has been so easy going. You don't see a lot of behavioral issues even though it took her 5 months of her life to find her forever family. She is very calm, totally different from our other dogs (if you've been to our house you know that our dogs take a while to calm down when guests come over. They also bark at squirrels and cats in the neighborhood a lot!). Mark and I agree that Payton is the most affectionate dog we have ever been around. She just wants to snuggle all of the time. If one of the other dogs is getting pets she has to be right there to make sure she gets some. She has found her temporary role in the pack. I say temporary because I think she might challenge Kylie for her Alpha role some day. Payton gets along well with everybody and every dog. She instantly took to our neighbor and her Golden Retriever Bailey. She's a charmer and she knows it! She will steal your heart right off the bat. Our girly is smart too. She already knows her name, sit, stay, and she is very polite at meal time. The crate is not a scary place for her. Payton has no problem settling down for a few hours while we're at work. At night we bring her bed from the crate into our room and she sleeps down on her bed next to her sister Taryn. When I look at her the first word that always pops into my head is "precious"! I think it would be fun to organize a flower pup reunion on their birthday.

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Johann The Dog said...

Welcome to the dog blogosphere! There are sure a lot of pups you can meet and get to know. Thanks for linking to my post about volunteering! We'll stop by again!

Woofs, Johann