Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kylie's Poop Sheet

We brought Kylie home about a year after we got Taryn. We actually picked her up on Mother's Day 2006. She was born on 3/20/06. We found her with a breeder in Niobrara, Nebraska. We had put down a deposit on her about 6 weeks before we brought her home so there was a lot of time to prepare for her. Also a lot of anticipation! We wanted her home immediately. We were able to go to the breeders web site to view updated pictures of her growth and progress. The breeders had sold most of their litter to people in the Denver area and brought all of the puppies here from Nebraska. It was fun picking her up because we got to meet her puppy brothers and sisters and her human sisters who said that she was the special one of the bunch. They had spent a lot of extra time with her and had started calling her Kylie as soon as we had decided on a name. Kylie was little but mighty! She took over as Alpha Dog a couple days after she arrived. We were prepared for this possibility, but it sure was funny to see this tiny pup take charge of her big sister that was 5 times her size. Kylie is almost full grown now and has remained on the small size for Lab standards. She weighs a little under 50 pounds. She is completely healthy, just smaller. Her size makes her extremely fast and agile. It is really fun to watch her play in the backyard or dog park. She flies around. She loves to be chased. She has yet to find a worthy apponent. Her other favorite game is to intercept the ball or frisbee that is being thrown to Taryn and entice Taryn to try and get it from her. She has spin moves like a football player. The picture above is her going after a squirrel on the power line. We wonder some times if she is on the small size because of all the energy that she expends. At night she curls up at the foot of our bed and you barely know she's there. Kylie added a lot to our household when she arrived. I couldn't imagine life without her.

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