Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Can't They Just Sit Still?

We have been trying since the day we brought Payton home to get a great picture of the three dogs together. I keep getting pictures of their backsides while they are waiting for Dad to throw them something, or pictures of nothing because they all have moved. This morning I thought I had the "money" shot lined up. It was the most calm and focused the three of them have been for the camera. I took the shot and just as I did Kylie looked away and Payton lost focus on me. Taryn, bless her heart, was the only one cooperating. Oh well, it's still a really cute picture. I love the snow on the end of Payton's nose. She always has her nose down in the snow looking for buried tennis balls or frisbees. We just got a fresh snowfall last night for all of them to play in. They're just like kids when it comes to snow. It's never too cold to have a good romp! I'll keep trying for that elusive portrait of the three of them.

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Joan said...

Hi Jamie (in CO),

LOL... sit still? You've got to be kidding!!! It's tough enough with adult Labs, let alone young ones.


Love your blog...just viewed it for the first time. And if it's okay with you, we'll add you to our blogroll over at Lab Tails. :o)

You Labs are gorgeous! :o) Our next investment in a Lab is going to be a black male (since Baxter is neutered, and since he's probably going to go live with my daughter after DD gets married and moves to Maine this summer). :o(

So we'll be back in puppydom again. :o)

Great to "meet" you!

Joan (from LabTails)