Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taryn's Poop Sheet

Taryn is the oldest of our three dogs. She was born on 3/2/05. We had decided it was time to bring a dog into our family. It was going to be a Lab. I had researched a few other breeds, but kept coming back to the Lab for it's temperment and activity level. We are not into mini dogs, we are not equipped for a maxi dog. The Lab seemed perfect. Our first intention was to adopt one from our local animal shelter. The staff there was uncooperative and discouraging about any of the dogs we asked about. I was so emotional after visiting the shelter. Mark agreed that we should look elsewhere. We found Taryn and her family in Arvada, CO. We were the first people to meet the litter and pick a puppy. She was one of two black females in her litter. The family was keeping the other one. She was pretty shy at first, which is a crack up to think about now when she is all over our house guests, but she was receptive to our contact. We were in Love! Thus began our head on journey into dog ownership. Taryn has been everything we wanted and expected in a Lab. She is athletic, energetic, smart (the smartest dog I have ever met in my life), and a big love. She is 76 - 80 pounds depending on what time of year it is. We do a lot more dog park visits in the Summer which keeps her lean (favorite sport is "chuck it" retrieving). She is not our Alpha dog but she still demonstrates a lot of leadership abilities. She is gentle and patient with puppies and helps show them the ropes. Taryn is absolutely adored! She is our beautiful big girl.


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