Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Tube Videos

I added some You Tube dog videos that I think are pretty funny. The last clip is of an Aussie watching the TV commercial for the Dyson slim Vacuum. The reason this one cracked me up is that our dogs, especially Taryn, have the same reaction to the commercial. There are quite a few videos of dogs reacting to this commercial on You Tube. All of the dogs are different breeds but they all get a rise when they see, and hear, this commercial. Some things in the canine world are universal no matter what breed, at the same time dogs have qualities that are breed standards. That is one of the reasons that we have Labs. The standard personality of Labs is just the right fit for us.



Christi said...

How fun!! I had no idea about your dog blog. I'm glad Mom filled you in about mine cause it is definitely the best way for me to keep in touch. It will be so nice to check in here and see what you guys are up to.

Your dogs seem so awesome. We had a black lab for thee days once before we realized we weren't up to the task.

Thanks for to you soon.

Love, Christi

Christine said...

Well, well, another blogger!! I was thrilled to get the link to your blog also.
I'm a doggie Aunt, very cool, I'll take it!
Have to tell you, my all time favorite book is Marley and Me. I borrowed a copy once and fell in love. Just checked it out at the library to read again and to get Arielle to read it also. I bought Amanda the kid's version too. What can I say...
Love ya,